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Is this for real?

Yes. As far as I know I'm the only one offering these services in North America. But I got my inspiration from the coffin confessor in Australia. 

This is very much for real and I have done it.


Can you explain your services more simply? Yes!!

Personal confessor. I will say any truth, that you can't say, to anyone. 

Personal item pickup. I will come to wherever you need me to be and collect almost anything you don't want found.

Scatter ashes. I pick up your loved ones' ashes and scatter them where you wish. 

Do people get angry at you?

Yes. In general people want to hear what their loved one wants me to say. I come with a recording from their loved one telling people to listen to what I have to say. Ideally it's a video if not audio. Then I do what I was hired to do then I get out.

What is included in personal item pickup?

Anything and everything really. Within reason.

Moving a motor-home is technically within reason. 

This does not include anything illegal. 

I'm not removing drugs, bodies, guns, clothing with blood on them. You get the idea. I will be calling the police and giving them your name if I come across that stuff.


Scatter ashes? Anywhere?

Yes. Officially there's a lot of places where you are not allowed to scatter ashes. Like to top of mount Kilimanjaro.

But I'm sure something could be worked out.


How do I order your services?

First we talk about what you require. If it is something we can do. 

Then we work out all of the details. 

The job could be as basic as telling a few people some information. Or organizing your funeral in another location. Unbeknownst to your family. 

I could be sent to collect a computer or a 2000 lb safe.

In my experience there is usually a lot to talk about. Just Call me.


To start the job, how do I contact you?

If you have a lawyer I suggest giving them my number. I provide a card to keep in your wallet. I have a special phone number just for these jobs. 

Personal Confessor Price range?

At the high end it's $10,000 plus. That price is for a confession where it is complicated because of the amount of work, short notice of the confession, high chance of danger to me, location of the confession.

A local easy confession with no chance of harm to me will run around $3,000

Private Item Pick Up Price range?

This one also has a range in price. All depends and shortness of notice, how hard to complete, how complicated it is to complete. Example would be close to where I live, Everything is in one box near the door and I have a few hours to complete about $500 plus tax.

Short notice, far away and I have to arrange a motor-home to be moved in the middle of the night. The price might be in the range of the motor-home. $5000 to $6000 probably.

How many people work with you?

As many as I need. This business is me so far. I hire for what is needed and where it's needed. 


What will you not do?

I was asked this during an interview. I did not have an answer other then I'm sure there is something I wouldn't do.

So I would likely not except being hired to go to a funeral and confess something about the deceases. I like to talk to the person who is confessing a fault. Get a fell for them.

I would also not do a confession for someone who has lost almost all control of there faculty's.

One more thing I would not do is say anything excessively harsh or abusive to anyone. Even if it's you dying wish.

Otherwise so far no one has approached my with anything crazy.  

What could we arrange for a personal confession?

A live band playing your favorite music.

You can wear your favorite tee-shirt and pants or nothing at all.

We could publish an article in the news paper. Documenting everything from your side. It could be published as an Ad. Or a billboard on the highway or near your enemies house. 

We can have stormtroopers and or Darth Vader show up. Death could even show up.

Or a person in a squirrel costume with a sign saying  eat shit Bob 

Paper bag's and bottles of your favorite alcohol for everyone who comes, it does not all have to be negative. I recommend cold concord grape wine.

A letter could be handed out to everyone who shows up. Listing off your confessions positive or negative.

We can be there to confess positive things as well. For a lot of people "I loved you" can be harder to say then I hated you.

A Viking funeral with your cremated remains or your real remains if your local area allows it.

An empty coffin because your real funeral is going on somewhere else. Surprise!!!! to all the people who showed up to the non funeral.

A Haka Dance could be arranged as well.

Your coffin can be turned into a ball pit.

Buried with all your treasures

Really our imaginations and time frame are the limits.

Fire you remains into a volcano

Drop them from a hot air balloon.

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